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16 week strength program: “A detailed workout program, designed to increase overall strength. This program has a main focus of powerlifting and strength, but it also includes hypertrophy, power movements, conditioning, core, and mobility. When all of these things are written with purpose and intention, it creates one program that allows you to train like - and become - a strong, powerful, prepared, and complete athlete.

This program can be followed in preparation for competition, or simply just to get stronger. Each program is customized based on the percentages from your 1 Rep Max. You will train hypertrophy, strength, overload, and power based off your percentages from each lift. The program outlines every aspect of your training, including reps, sets, weight used, and more.”

If you have any other comments, questions, or concerns, we can schedule a time to discuss the sample via phone or video chat. However, the two week sample is pretty simple to understand.

If you would like to purchase the full program after your sample:
All you need to do is place the "16 Week Strength Program" in your cart and use the simple checkout. As soon as the order is placed, I will immediately email you a form to begin customizing your program. The sooner the questionnaire is returned to me, the sooner I can deliver your program (generally less than 24 hours). This process also includes a phone call/video chat with Taylor to ensure all questions are answered and the program is perfect!

16 Week Strength Program - Sample

  • 1 sample program | 2 weeks | 5 days per week




    Program will be delivered within 24 hours of order.

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